May 20th Photo A Day-Something I Cannot Live Without!


There are only two things I missed about the US while out of the country. 1. The dear family and friends that mean the world to us.
2. Starbucks. A Venti Non Fat Chai Tea Latte iced to be exact.

I haven’t always been addicted to chai, but these days, boy oh boy! Lol.
I used to partake in their more fattening, and sugary options, but these days I keep myself reigned in at one a week as the Chai latte is low in calories and sugar. Tastes fantastic and doesn’t impede my weight loss! Does it get any better?!?! Lol.

I probably could live without it…as a matter of fact, I KNOW that I can. But I really don’t wanna! Ha ha!

Happy May 20th!


April 30th Photo A Day-Me 30 Days Later!

April 30th Photo A Day-Me 30 Days Later!

Here I am. Hoping I will look thinner by the end of May. Maintained this month, but didn’t really loose. Very frustrating, but keep on going! I feel healthier on most days, and that is what matters. 🙂
Thanks for taking this journey with me through April, and I am looking forward to finding one for May!

April 12th Photo A Day-Same Picture, Different Light!

April 12th Photo A Day-Same Picture, Different Light!

I happened to have this picture already, which is great  because I couldn’t figure how to get one of the same pictures I had already posted in a different light! Besides scaling the dumpster wall myself…and my 5’1 self aint’ doing it! Ha ha!

I love how the reflection of the light made the shirt look like it is made of plastic. Hope yesterday’s post inspired ya’ll to get moving. And if not…then do it today! It is beautiful weather where we are, and I hope ya’ll can say the same! Get out there and do something that makes you sweat! Your body will thank you for it. 😉

April 11th Photo A Day-Black and White!

April 11th Photo A Day-Black and White!

My favorite black and white photo to date, is the one at the top of this blog. But right after that, is this one. Just a photo shot on a night with friends of our best friend for his clothing line.
I smile an extra big smile at this one, because this is S and he USED to be 315 lbs. He is now a powerhouse machine of muscle and fitness! His journey has been inspirational (lost 30 lbs myself to date!) to watch and we could not be more proud of all that he has accomplished. He has in fact “Demanded Respect” as his clothing line promotes…through his actions. No other way to do it…except put your money where your mouth is.
Also, today is “National sibling day”, so I have to give him a shout out for being the only TRUE brother my husband has ever had, and one to me as well. He and his family are priceless to us! Happy April 11th, and in honor of such an amazing weight loss story…GET OUT AND GET MOVING TODAY! I know I will. 🙂