May 7th Photo-A-Day Challenge: Trees!

May Photo-A-Day Challenge: Trees!

Supposed to be trees today. So, you will see trees in the background. Lots of native foliage in fact to Boquete region of Panama where we were when I took this picture.

But of course, what I saw was the beautiful Indian woman. Working diligently to start the fire needed to prepare that evenings meal. Her and her family had traveled by foot for who knows how many days. She was doing nothing more than the same thing she does every day. And yet…I was enamored with her. Amazed by her quiet strength. Her subtle beauty. Her being.

I don’t know what it is about my soul that desires to walk with those like her, and every other culture. If able, I would have gladly strapped on a bag, and went home with her. Living where they live. Eating what they eat. Working as hard as they work. I vow to Someday….do exactly that.

Wanderlust consumes my very soul. And….I wouldn’t have it any other way.


May 6th Photo-A-Day Challeng: Beverages!

May 6th Photo-A-Day Challeng: Beverages!

When I get exhausted with daily things…I find myself reminiscing about our time in Central America. I find my heart longing for it. I loved everything about the sights, smells, tastes, and experiences we had there. Even the painful experiences. I loved them all.

Here you will see one of my favorite photos from our time visiting with the indigenous tribes of Panama’s Boquete region. These sweet girls were so excited to have been given these juices! The Ngöbe Bugle are a beautiful people plagued by a thousand things I care not get into at this moment. Because none the less, they are beautiful. Their very presence humbled me. Many of them, had never seen a blond haired, green eyed white woman before. It was an eye opening, and beautiful experience that I will NEVER forget. One that I have committed to having again sometime within the near future.

May 5th Photo-A-Day Challenge: Clouds!

cloudsThis is a re-blogged picture from last years challenge. I searched and searched for a picture better, and could not find one that I had taken. I also attempted to take one…nothing. So, enjoy this piece of pretty again this year folks, as it is by far my most beautiful captured image to date. xoxoxo!

May 4th Photo-A-Day Challenge: Something I cannot live without!

May 4th Photo-A-Day Challenge: Something I cannot live without!

It’s deep aroma fills the space that it inhabits.
The smell taking me back to different places within the recess of my mind.
It is exciting. Fulfilling. Intoxicating.

It is more than a cup of Espresso.
It is an experience.

May Photo-A-Day Challenge: Hands! And, an Ode to my Love, on our 16th Anniversary!

May Photo-A-Day Challenge: Hands! And, an Ode to my Love, on our 16th Anniversary!

The Photo today is “Hands.”
So, you see our hands intertwined, which is a normal thing for us. You will also see from my permanent body art…that today is our wedding anniversary. 16 years today. Wow.

Amazing to me, when I reflect….how far we have truly come. Seems like only a few months ago I was writing my post on our 15th Wedding anniversary, and instead it has been an entire year. A year full of more growth, ANOTHER major move, tears, pain, love, laughter, and life.
Life. Our Life. The life we have built TOGETHER.
Not a perfect life.
Or one without strife, and struggle.
One we have literally had to FIGHT tooth and nail to create.
A life we have had to beg God to help us keep.
A life….more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined for us.

You will NEVER see us pretending to be something we are not. We will never pretend that we do not put the FUN in DysFUNctional. 🙂 If you spend time with us, you will see laughter, anger, joy, frustration, pain, healing, growth, and happiness. You will see that he is hard on our children. Yet in secret, he cries at the thought of them leaving him one day. He is tender in a way that only I and his girls have ever seen. He is generous, and precious. If you were apart of our world, you would see all of the above…but most importantly, you would see LOVE.

Love is what our life is built on.
He is mine. And I am his.
He keeps me grounded, when my gypsy soul wants to fly away.
I keep him smiling, when his mind keeps his heart bogged down.
He prays for me, and I for him.
He loves me.
A love more pure than anything I had ever known before him.
A love that most days…I do not deserve.
A love, that I am honored to have bestowed upon me.

He has given me strength to become who I am. He fights through his fears, when he is afraid that who I am becoming will not want him anymore. He CHOOSES to become a better man, and challenges me in turn to be a better woman.

He has blessed me with the four most amazing people I have ever known.
Our daughters…who are becoming our life’s greatest work.
He still sends me flowers.
And, he still calls me his queen.
He still gives me butterflies, when I catch him looking at me when he thinks I am not paying attention. And he scolds me when I degrade my body.

This man loves me. Just as I am. Raw and real. Loud and unbridled. Wild and untamed. He loves me. There is NOTHING more I could ask for in this life…than to spend the rest of it…just being his.

I love you husband. With every fiber of my heart, mind, body, and soul. Happy Anniversary sweet man, and here’s to 16 more, and another 16 after that. xoxoxoxo

An Update Is Coming….

Been another lengthy pause in between my blogging. I have missed it so much! I promise to write an update soon, and in the mean time, want to continue in my encouragement to all; to take the time to enjoy the sweet moments of beauty that happen daily. This was my moment this morning…


Stopping for one split second and soaking in the beauty of the sunrise on my way to work…makes all the difference in a day. Busy, busy, busy, can be the name of the game…making an extra long glance into your lovers eyes, or an especially long hug with your kids in the morning chaos, coupled with a split second to enjoy the beauty of the master piece our Creator has made, makes for a beautiful start to any day.

Choose to see the beauty y’all…with all the ugliness in this world, I encourage you too CHOOSE to see the beauty.

Have an amazing day!