Toxic no more….

I relize it’s been half a year again. And I will make no more empty promises about blogging more often. Because the truth us, life is extremely busy with 2 teenagers and 2 preteens. Work, life, living. I feel my heart longing often though to be purged of so many thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, questions, answers…….
So, I Will not make any more empty promises, and simply resolve to taking advantage of this beautiful space that I have to write about all of the above, and more.

Tonight, just a quick yet profound statement I found while perusing the Internet tonight. Rang true on so many levels. It took more than 3/4’s of my life to fully uderstand it, and yet once fully embraced, has been one of my most freeing realizations. I resolve to hold tight to those who walk with me daily. And never cease to be there while we navigate narrowly through the trenches of this life. I have absolutely no time for anyone that is not willing to exude as much love, light, and loyalty as I am for them.


Keep your toxin levels low my dear ones. Love to all. Xoxoxo


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