A Nameless, Faceless Generation….

As I was taking my husband into down town Denver this morning, he was sharing with me about a large group of  masked “protester’s” he saw two days before on November 5th. He was describing the mask to me, and while it sounded familiar, I had no idea what they were about or stood for.

File:Anonymous at Scientology in Los Angeles.jpg

In doing some research, I found that they were apart of the Anonymous (a loosely associated international network of activists and hacktivist) protest on Guy Fawkes night. I did my research on who that was, and while I was intrigued by their actions…I was also disturbed by it. I have no intention of debating with anyone here on whether their work is positive, or negative..I simply want to discuss the way that hearing about their masks, seeing them, and then researching them affected me. 

I was a child when I heard an impassioned preacher speaking on the “Nameless and Faceless Generation” of tomorrow. At the time, he would have been referencing my generation. Generation “X” As they commonly referred to us then. I never understood why those words affected me so deeply, until I  became old enough to understand the depth of such a nick name. A “Nameless and Faceless Generation….” as if we go on to stand for nothing, speak for nothing, and act for nothing. As I listened to my husband describe these protesters that he witnessed…I felt myself overcome with emotion. Thinking of a massive world wide group, who say that they are acting against the wrongs of religion, government, society, etc…marching through the streets with their identities masked behind a facade of vigilante justice evoked a strong emotion, that I could not identify as positive, or negative until I remembered the words of that preacher. 

You see…When I heard those words for the first time, it was in reference to my generation, and now…I am raising the generation to come. The thought of any one of my children being activists, for ANYTHING they believe passionately in, is an amazing thought. But when I pictured any one of them marching through the streets, with their faces covered by a mask…as if they had something to hide, or be ashamed, of made me ill.  It is greatest desire in this life to raise free thinking, strong, independent, kind, compassionate, conviction driven, spectacular INDIVIDUALS. I will support their “causes” 100% as they learn and grow, and develop their own opinions on the issues this world faces. But, I will also encourage them to go about the work they choose to do, the work they are passionate about, with their heads held high, and their FACES UNCOVERED.  I have chosen to not be apart of a NAMELESS AND FACELESS GENERATION, and stand firm in my beliefs. To speak against wrongs, and attempt to love all I come in contact with. So naturally, I flatly REFUSE to raise children that will fade casually into the background of what others around them choose to do. I will encourage them to be knowledgeable in their causes, peaceful in their exchanges, and passionate about speaking against anyone (including our own government) that is attempting to infringe on the rights of the people.

I believe in accountability.

I believe in standing for something unashamedly and acting accordingly.

I believe in being true to yourself.

Your faith.

Your convictions.

How can one do ALL of those things, while hiding behind a mask?

I created this blog to be a positive and inspiring place. And although it seems to have taken a turn today, that may seem “political” to some. I promise you, it is meant to be thought provoking, and encouraging  representation of where I stand in this world. Because as I have said before…I CHOOSE to stand in a world where to many others CHOOSE to believe what they are told, and now apparently those who choose to hide behind masks. 



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