Congratulations…and a letter to my Daughter!

My Oldest baby girl…graduated from the 8th grade this past week.ย Image

I am in awe that I helped create this extraordinary being.

ImageShe was so excited!!!


My Doting Mama and Gramma both came to celebrate in the day…

ImageAnd her sisters were thrilled for her and her accomplishment.

My hubby and I could not have been more proud of our girls this year…After making another international move, and re-adjusting to life in the States, they all four worked so hard at their studies, and persevered in so many more ways than just academically.

I look at the picture above, and I am overwhelmed with the responsibility bestowed on my husband and I. I am simultaneously enthralled with watching them grow, and saddened that it will not be long before they grow up…and leave us. The “leaving us” part only made better, by the excitement and satisfaction I feel from seeing the amazing young women they are becoming. The kind, loving, and compassionate young ladies they are. And on the days when nothing else seems to go right…one or all of them will do something amazing…and my husband and I meet eyes, and smile…because we are doing something very, very right in this world in them.

As for the letter to my daughter part….this part will prove to be more difficult for me to write. But…here goes nothing!


My Dearest 1st Born Daughter,

Above you will see you in the arms of your parents. It was an anomaly that day, for it to snow in the area we lived. Both your Daddy and I couldn’t wait to bundle you up though, and take you outside to see it. Knowing that you would never remember it…but not caring, because we were enthralled with sharing the new world you were apart of, and helping you explore your surroundings.


It has always been hard for your Daddy to express his emotions…but I would find him looking at you like he is in this picture more often than I could count. His expression saying more than his mouth could convey. His eyes shining with the love for the first thing in this world…that was truly his. A piece of him that could never be erased. A special place in his heart, for this little girl who had come into our lives at the most desperate of times. Our miracle and gift from our Creator.


As you grew…your personality began to shine. Sassy and smart….beautiful and adventurous. You captured our hearts with every word that you said….and kept our lives filled with laughter, even through the darkest of times within our newly formed marriage.


Before we knew it….we were taking you to school. I must have taken a 1000 pictures that day. In complete disbelief that you were now old enough to be away from me for 8 hours a day. You were already reading some, and I was convinced that you were going to make the other Kindergartner’s jealous with your obvious beauty and talent. ๐Ÿ™‚

And then…just as quickly it seems….this day had come.ย Image

You were too tall in your heels…so I made you squat down. ๐Ÿ™‚ The day for me is like a blur…Surreal to say the least. I felt like I did the day I took you to Kindergarten…but amplified by 100. The reality of the fact that you will be in High School this year weighing on me like a 1000 pounds.

So, in honor of your accomplishment…and the place you are in your life…I have some words for you my sweet girl. Some words I pray you heed and hold dear to your precious heart.

Be YOU my dear girl. Be YOU. Do not allow yourself to become a “watered” down version of what the world will tell you that you SHOULD be. Stay true to YOUR convictions. Stay kind, and lovely. Continue to exude your inner beauty to the world around you through your actions with every passing day.

And as YOU changes, grows, learns, experiences, and enlightens….embrace the growth…even when it is painful. Continue to look inside through every external situation and follow what your spirit and heart are telling you. Not what others think, or say, or do.

Remember…that you are extraordinary. Exquisite. Divine. One of a kind. Do not allow anyone to tell you that you are anything other. Be YOU my dear girl. Be YOU.

The next four years will be full of challenges, some we have discussed, and some we will have to discuss as they present themselves. But I want to thank you now, for listening. I say in advance..thank you for coming to me…with those things that will be heavy on your heart and allowing me to carry your burdens with you.

As you begin your journey, through the next four years…..may you never forget how loved you truly are. May you never forget the look in your Daddy’s eyes, as you see above, because you are his pride and joy. You and your sisters are his life’s greatest work. May you remember that when he says no. Which will happen a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚ You know him baby girl. And you know that you scare him. That trust is hard for him. But you also know that he will try. He will say no when he should say yes, and I pray you remember it is only because he does not trust the world around you…not that he does not trust you. And know, that he WILL embarrass you, when that first stinking boy come’s snooping around trying to steal you away from him. He will scare him, and embarrass you, and try his very hardest to not beat the snot out of him for no other reason than the fact that the poor kid finds you attractive. lol. Please remember on this day that is coming to quickly….that it is because he adores you. Because no boy/man will EVER be good enough for you. And your first date will feel the same to him as the day he has to walk you down the aisle. Just the thought is excruciating to him my dear girl. I promise to help him through this. I promise to always be in your corner…while ALWAYS respecting his authority and job as your Daddy. He takes it seriously baby girl, and I pray you remember that during those time’s where you feel like he is being unfair.

I promise to be here for you. I promise to love you. I promise to hold you when you have your first heartbreak, and take you shopping for your first formal gown. I promise to forgive your mistakes, and help you find the lesson in every difficult situation. And…I promise to say no too. Because I have wisdom my dear girl, that you only partially understand at this point. You know most of my story….I need not repeat it. But, I promise to push through my own fears and trust you. Be worthy of it my dear girl. Maintain your integrity.

Follow your dreams. Chase them in fact. Don’t decide at 18 what you will do with the rest of your life…because you will not know for sure. Seek education that will help you, in every aspect of your life, and be okay with figuring it out as you go. Plan, and be okay if the plan changes. Change is inevitable, and the more adaptable you become, the more successful your life will be.

And finally my dear, and by far the most important….continue walking with our Creator. Hold tight to His guidance. Listen closely for His voice, and seek His wisdom in ALL of your choices. Study His scriptures and allow Him to imprint His words on your heart. When you stumble, seek forgiveness, and return to the love of His arms. There is no safe place left in this world…but in the cleft of His rock you will find peace.

I love you. More than words could EVER convey. Your Daddy too. Your sisters. Your Grammy…your Grandparents. Uncle S, Aunt L, cousins. You are surrounded by so much love baby girl. May you never forget that. And most importantly….Be YOU my dear girl. Be YOU.


5 thoughts on “Congratulations…and a letter to my Daughter!

  1. Melissa & Adam says:

    We cannot express in words how PROUD we are of this nearly grown woman *tear* (and all the other girls too!) Your letter had me in tears, so touched at how much love there is between all of you–it’s truly amazing! She has grown up to be a strong role model, and we are forever proud to know such uplifting and proud (little) women. She’s an inspiration and I can only hope that we can raise our children to be as amazing as your own! P.S. Everyone is looking stunning *whistle whistle!* ๐Ÿ™‚ We love ya’ll!

    • Sara says:

      My dear friend…your words made me cry!!! Your children will be as amazing as their parents, and we are so honored to have ya’lls love and support in our life! 1st born said thank you so much and that she loves ya’ll too! Bunches and bunches and bunches of love to you and the fam!! Kiss that baby for us!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Your love and emotions are so beautifully expressed! I hope your move goes well and you’re back to posting soon!

  3. MICHAEL Davis says:

    Wow that was amazing to read Sara. You’r girl’s have I great gift in there live’s and that would be you. Very tastefully done so much heart and soul. (You should think of writing the world can use you’r heart)

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