Tornadoes of Tragedy-I Choose to Stand.

I am supposed to be posting a picture about “Where I stand” today.

The tragic events of yesterday/this mornings have completely broken my heart.

And so, I will post this video and speak on where it is that I stand.

I stand on the compassionate side of humanity.
I stand on the rock that is my Salvation.
I stand on the strength only derived from my Creator and Messiah.
I stand for compassion and action as a result of it.
I stand for hours spent on our knees praying for the safety of those we will never meet.
I stand for shedding tears, as I did this morning, for all of the lives lost.
I stand for love. Kindness. Righteousness. Compassion. Doing. Prayer. Sympathy/Empathy.

But most importantly…In this world where far to many continue to sit….



2 thoughts on “Tornadoes of Tragedy-I Choose to Stand.

  1. Melissa & Adam says:

    So eloquently spoken! True sadness fills our hearts for the children, the parents, and the community. I can’t imagine anything more awful than not being able to hug your child every night.

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