May 12 Photo A Day-Makes Me Happy!


This picture makes me happy!

I was honored to spend the last week with my second daughter at camp, and this picture will forever make me smile.

You see how amazing the view of the Pacific ocean in the background is right? We hiked up to the top of the Jr part of the highest mountain in the area. Last year, I was huffing and puffing and couldn’t keep up in Panama, and this year I was beating these kids to the top! I could have gone all the way to the highest point of the next mountain range too! It felt amazing, and I was so blessed to sit there and enjoy the breeze off of the ocean on my face and hear the sounds of the waves crashing below. I am enjoying feeling more in control of my own body as I continue to gain my strength in fitness. Two years ago, I was winded from walking across my properties too fast. Now I am hiking for the fun of it, and enjoying every challenging second of it!

This past week was a beautiful adventure, and I am so blessed to have experienced this with my precious child.

Happy May 12th!


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