Happy Mother’s Day!!!



Straight Legit Yo!!! 😀



Could this be any more true?!?!

While these are very funny…and very true! I have to say that Mother’s Day is a very special day for me, because it serves as a reminder.

I take seriously the responsibility I carry being a mother. I appreciate the opportunity I have been given to lead, guide, and direct these girls into becoming well rounded, loving, kind, compassionate, adventurous, and productive members of this world. I strive to teach them self discipline, work ethic, keeping an open mind, and to walk in love always, daily. I want so much for my daughters to think for themselves, and to take hold of what our heavenly Father created them to be in this world. For them to take hold of righteousness daily and live a life full of dream achieving, serving, loving, and living.

I realize that my ideals may be a bit much. But these individuals are exquisite, and I want them to get and give the most out of this one life that we are given. And, I feel like I should be celebrating THEM on Mother’s day, not the other way around. My husband told me Happy Mother’s Day this morning, and I turned right back around and told HIM thank you. Because without him, I wouldn’t be a mother.

I appreciate the ideals of Mother’s Day. And I adore the sweet breakfast in bed, and extra care my daughters give to doing the household work so that I don’t have too on this day. But for me….every day is Mother’s Day. Because being their mother is a huge part of who I am, and an even larger part of my calling on this Earth. Even on the days that I am frustrated, longing for a “break” and exhausted…I am never without the realization…that I am a blessed beyond measure Mommy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing, hard working, precious mother’s in my life. Ya’ll are each exquisite in your own way and I am honored to know and love you all! With a special shout out to my own Mama, and Gramma. Ya’ll have all ready had your own special posts on here, but here’s another chance to say that I love you and thank you for all you have done, and all that you are. I am a very, very, very blessed woman to have been raised by such spectacular women!



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