May 7th Photo A Day-Someone who inspires me!

May 7th Photo A Day-Someone who inspires me!

I posted before about the beauty of my mother. Her beauty surely was inherited from her mother. My Gramma. This beautiful, amazing, gracious, kind, and spectacular woman who’s strength astounds me still. She has been a constant in my life. Always the picture of love and support for me, my Mama, hubby, and girls. Including her other kids, and grand kids.
She has suffered more loss in her life than should be legally allowed. But with each loss, she emerges stronger than before. Never does her mourning stop. But never does her ability to smile and giggle through the pain stop either.
She has inspired me to try and be even a smidge as gracious as she. To leave a legacy as profound as her’s.
I have been so unbelievably blessed with amazing women in my life, that I thank the Father daily for them. And I pray, that with her example, my Mama’s, mine, along with a few other choice women in our life, that my daughters will continue to grow into beautiful, strong, gracious, kind, loving and generous young ladies.


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