May 6th Photo A Day-Me!

20130505-135849.jpgHere I am again. Straight hair this time. 🙂

Spending the next week at camp with my second daughter. Super excited about the hiking and time with her. Will get my exercise fix in for sure with approximately 7 hours a day of hikes! I Will miss my hubby, other girls and Mama, who so graciously has offered to stay with my fam to care for them in my absence. I welcome the break from work too. I am fortunate to office mostly out of my home, but a break from the constant running around attending to the needs of my clients will be nice. 🙂

I have my post for the 7th set up, but the others will likely have to wait until I return on the 10th. I will catch up on the photo a day challenge then and likely post a couple of things that have been on my mind  and heart.

Pray ya’ll have a wonderful week, and don’t forget to keep moving! It is a long and sometimes wearisome journey to optimal health, but few others are as worth it!



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