May 5th Photo A Day-Bird!

20130505-133614.jpgI will admit, that today’s subject was a bit of a  challenge today. With all the time we spent in Central America, I managed to get out of there without a single picture of the flocks of parrots or Toucan’s that passed our house daily. I was able to find this picture of a hummingbird though. So, a simple black and white photo of one hovering and feeding. Beautiful in it’s simplicity. My Daddy loved hummingbirds. He and my Mama took special care to always have their hummingbird feeder full so they could watch them in the backyard. Funny how such a small bird can be so majestic and evoke such lovely memories. I remember my Daddy (technically my step Dad, but my Daddy none the less) sitting on the back porch, drinking his coffee through a straw and watching them come and go to eat the nectar they would make for them. His birthday is in three days, and it is usually on that day (May 8th), Father’s day and December 19th (the day he began his final rest) that I allow myself to feel the depth of the void that his absence has left in my life. Soon, I will do a post devoted souly to him, because a mere mention of him, and how much I miss him is not enough. He was a one in a million man, and I loved him more than I could every verbalize.

Take some time to watch the birds fly today. Feel the breeze on your face. Soak up some sunshine, and focus on the beauty that surrounds you. Each day is a precious gift and should be treated accordingly. 🙂



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