Memorial Day!

ImageI couldn’t bring myself to say “Happy” Memorial Day today….because the basis of this day is not happy. 

To all who have served, are serving, and will serve in the future….

To the families that have mourned the fallen both past and present….

To the orphans of soldiers who paid the ultimate price….

Words cannot express my appreciation, support, and love for your courage and sacrifice. 

Today is not a day to share my opinions on the evils of our government, nor is it the time to express anything other than complete and unadulterated thanks and support for our troops.

May we all remember those who have given it all, for a cause they believed in. 

They are the true definition of patriots and heroes.

I hope you enjoy this rendition of the Star Spangled Banner!


May 26th Photo A Day-12 O’Clock!


Time is the only thing we can never get back….

It is a precious gift…that can never be replenished.

At the birth of each new day, 12 o’clock…we have the renewed chance to utilize every precious second of this ever lessening thing called…time.

Make today the better than yesterday. And tomorrow even better than today. Live each moment as if you will never have it again. Because the reality is…you won’t. Pura Vida!

Happy May 26th!

May 25th Photo A Day-Unusual!

I know I’m a day behind…sorry!
But even a day behind, I had to share this picture.

I caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye, and immediately thought of how it looked like something that belonged in a Dr. Seuss book!

I love those priceless photo moments that just happen organically. 🙂

Yesterday was a very special day for our friend S who celebrated his 35th birthday!


He is our brother.
Our friend.
Our trusted confidant.

Thank you for being you S and we hope your bday was amazing!!! Love you!

Tornadoes of Tragedy-I Choose to Stand.

I am supposed to be posting a picture about “Where I stand” today.

The tragic events of yesterday/this mornings have completely broken my heart.

And so, I will post this video and speak on where it is that I stand.

I stand on the compassionate side of humanity.
I stand on the rock that is my Salvation.
I stand on the strength only derived from my Creator and Messiah.
I stand for compassion and action as a result of it.
I stand for hours spent on our knees praying for the safety of those we will never meet.
I stand for shedding tears, as I did this morning, for all of the lives lost.
I stand for love. Kindness. Righteousness. Compassion. Doing. Prayer. Sympathy/Empathy.

But most importantly…In this world where far to many continue to sit….


May 20th Photo A Day-Something I Cannot Live Without!


There are only two things I missed about the US while out of the country. 1. The dear family and friends that mean the world to us.
2. Starbucks. A Venti Non Fat Chai Tea Latte iced to be exact.

I haven’t always been addicted to chai, but these days, boy oh boy! Lol.
I used to partake in their more fattening, and sugary options, but these days I keep myself reigned in at one a week as the Chai latte is low in calories and sugar. Tastes fantastic and doesn’t impede my weight loss! Does it get any better?!?! Lol.

I probably could live without it…as a matter of fact, I KNOW that I can. But I really don’t wanna! Ha ha!

Happy May 20th!