April 23rd Photo A Day-Childhood Memory!

20130423-122813.jpgWoolworth’s is an eclectic antique store downtown. It is full of all kinds of different spaces where people can display their treasures for sale.  My Grandmother had a section  in here for a long time.

Walking through this place reminds of walking through the backyard of my Grandparents house. My Grandpa was an antique “junkie” and no matter how rust ridden, or aged, he could see the beauty and value. I know that most of us call those with this ability “Hoarders” today (lol), but I remember being enamored with his “treasures” and spending hours as a kid playing in all of his collections. He was not a healthy man, so he couldn’t come out and  play with me, but he was always up for a good story when I found something that struck my fancy and brought it to him. 🙂 These memories make me smile, and I am thankful for the time I had with him as a child. Loosing him, was my first lesson in loss, and as I am reminiscing, I still feel that sense of loss today.

Take time today. To tie your little one’s shoes, or take a stroll to the park. Call your parents. Visit your grandma or grandpa. Enjoy your kids today.  Even when they call out “Mommyyyyyy” for what feels like the 1,000,000th time today….take a deep breath, and go see what they want to show you outside. Our time on this earth is just too short. Take time…to make a memory today. 🙂

Happy April 23rd!


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