April 20th Photo A Day-My Choice!

April 20th Photo A Day-My Choice!

I talk so often about loving photography, and adoring how pictures can evoke the emotion of when they were taken. This is one of those photos. 🙂  This is Joseph. He was in the Panamanian orphanage we visited last year, and had been since he was 3 days old. Dropped off in front of the gate, and left there. He was 3 years old then, so four now.  If we could have, we would have brought him home to be ours forever. He was the smartest little boy, with an amazing twinkle in his eye. He kept pointing to the other boys he was playing with saying “Ellos son mis hermanos. Todo ellos son mis hermanos!” They are my brothers. They are all my brothers. I asked Anna the director, if there really were any blood siblings there at the orphanage of his, because that is a common thing. She smiled and said “No. No blood brothers or sisters. But to Joseph, that doesn’t matter. They are all his siblings.” (of course she said this in Spanish lol). The love of a child, who should have already been keenly aware of the injustices of this world, and the pain that comes with this life, was inspirational. His smile lite up my world for those two days we were together, and I pray for him every single day. So blessed to have had the opportunity to meet this sweet spirit and all of the other sweet babies that week. Some with stories that were down right horrific. But watching them play, swim, laugh, and love….you would never have known what they had been through. Moments like these remind us, that there is no reason great enough to choose to be angry or harbor unforgiveness. If these babies can endure such pain, and go at each day with nothing more than joy in their hearts…who are we to do anything else?
Happy April 20th ya’ll. Enjoy this day of rest. 🙂


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