April 15th Photo A Day-My Choice!

April 15th Photo A Day-My Choice!

As we drove along the windy road, I prepared my camera to snap the picture. I had no idea it would catch the halo of smoke around the top of the volcano…or the light of the moon shining down. As if good friends, meeting in the sky for a moonlight rendezvous. The volcano spewing smoke in an effort to remind the night, that while it is quiet now, it is still capable of causing destruction and reeking havoc on the jungle below. I felt small, and helpless while simultaneously in awe of the strength of this quiet beast. Surrounded by the worlds most precious beauty and wild life, it sat peacefully and quietly in control of all that surrounded it.
Another reminder of the fragility of life. Though cliche, this photo reminds me to live, laugh, and love.


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