April 8th Photo A Day-Up Close!



As I watched the fire….

The flames leapt high.

The warmth carrying far beyond the flame itself.

I closed my eyes…

and allowed the warmth to penetrate my being.

Finding comfort and solace from the cold around me.

Saying a silent prayer for those that night,

who were cold and hungry,

While they were from the warmth of this beautiful flame.

A wave of guilt washed over my soul…

as I longed to hold every thirsting child, and wounded soul…

close to this flame.

That they might feel it’s warmth. And have respite from their pain.

Amazing to me, how the simplest of moments….enjoying a bon fire with new friends…became a moment of deep emotion, as I remembered my fortune. And simultaneously longed to love on those we have been called to serve.

James 1:27.

Be blessed on this day, April 8th. And Happy Birthday to my Gramma who has helped shape who I am. I love you Gramma!



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