April 4th Photo a Day-From a high angle!

Okay, so I can’t post this photo, without telling the story behind it. My husband wiggled and wriggled yesterday while I forced him to do what he hates, and take a picture! He finally caved and enjoyed the moment off hugging his wife, and voila! The picture was born of my favorite place to be. ❤ Today however, he was NOT so willing to help me. I begged him to climb the brick wall in the back yard, the carport, top of our suburban, and finally a tree. He wasn’t having any of it.  So, my oldest and I drove around and looked for someplace with stairs that we could sneakily scale and take a picture from. No such luck, and only got a stinky little picture of a pool in the near by apartment complex. Boo! So, as soon as I came home, I begged once again…and just as he always does, he appeased me by coming out front, scaling a dumpster wall and climbing to the top of the dumpster enclosure. Yes…i know I am married to a half monkey man. He did par core, before par core existed! lol. Well, this is the picture of him “happily” looking down at me after climbing to the top of this structure for his crazy wife. Ha ha! And then, the two pictures he took of me and my oldest daughter from above. Here’s to a great story, memories, and a small reminder of how much this man loves me!Hubby on wallhigh angle one High angle two

Happy fourth day in April!!


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