May Photo A Day Challenge!!


I had so much fun with Aprils challenge, I just had to do another one! Anybody who wants to join…LETS DO THIS!! 🙂
Here’s to another creative month! Have fun!


April 30th Photo A Day-Me 30 Days Later!

April 30th Photo A Day-Me 30 Days Later!

Here I am. Hoping I will look thinner by the end of May. Maintained this month, but didn’t really loose. Very frustrating, but keep on going! I feel healthier on most days, and that is what matters. 🙂
Thanks for taking this journey with me through April, and I am looking forward to finding one for May!

April 29th Photo A Day-Clouds!

April 29th Photo A Day-Clouds!

I cannot believe this month is already almost over. Crazy to me how time flies. Been an eventful month. Chalk full of challenges, endings and subsequent beginnings. I am thankful for them both.

I don’t even remember when I took this picture. I thought it was in Costa Rica, but then I had a vague memory of angling the camera to cut out the building underneath it, and discussing (in english, that was the give away, lol) about how amazing those clouds were. Breathtaking. And I am glad I was wherever I was, and was able to take it. 🙂

Happy April 29th, and here’s to May, that is only two days away!

So very thankful!

He’s not smiling…but close enough!

Beautiful, aren’t they?

Bringing the hotness!

Counting my blessings tonight. Didn’t post a “shadow” picture today, but decided on these instead.

People who love you, I mean truly love YOU in this world are hard to come by these days. Those willing to love you through the ugly and not “head for the hills” when things don’t go their way, are a rare and precious gem when found. We have all of those things in these folks. Could not possibly love them more! As I said yesterday…we are gifts to each other…and they are truly a gift to us. Count your blessings today…because I know that I am. 🙂