The beauty that surrounds us

Some of our dearest friends from Texas came this past week to share in Passover with us….words can’t express what a lovely time we had! They are absolute gems in our world and we adored having them with us!


Aren’t they beautiful?!

The day after they got here we had a BBQ with some of the most important people in our world, and it was a blast. A blast, and surreal at the same time to be honest. I remember looking around at all of these beautiful kids running around, the guys huddled around the grill charring animal flesh (lol), and wondering what in the world we have done to be so blessed. We have been gone from this place for almost a decade…and yet, upon our return…we have a house filled with love, laughter, memories, and beauty. As I surveyed my surroundings I saw my amazing brother who is one of the finest men I know, and his gorgeous family. I saw our longest, and dearest friends, who have TRULY been by our sides no matter what this life has thrown at us. Or what choices we have made. They have had the courage to tell us when they thought we were wrong, and the loyalty to love us anyways. I cannot say enough about S and L….but I am thinking I may have to do a post just on them, because there’s not enough room in this one for their awesomeness! lol. I saw our precious friends from TX  and their beautiful new baby boy, who came all the way to our home to spend this special time of year with us when circumstances would say they should not have been able too. That family has been supportive, kind, loving, and a perfect picture of the grace through out the last 6 years. Their support during our transition over the last 2 specifically has left us feeling like the most richly blessed friends in the world, and that is no exaggeration! My point in discussing all of these people who were in my home for a Sunday afternoon BBQ…is that as I looked around at all of them…I was amazed at the beauty that surrounded us. The way that all of these lives have been intertwined with ours has been nothing short of a miracle in our lives in one way or another.

A few short months ago, we were living in one of the most beautiful and tropical places in the worldImage

….and while there will always be a part of my  heart that is in Costa Rica….I would not trade this time here with all of these people that we love for anything in the world. I wouldn’t exchange the garden of eden like beauty that we lived in…for the love of these people whom we adore. Image



Besides the obvious affinity to take pictures of those I love with me in them…lol…

The beauty here that surrounds us, is in the form of people and our relationships with them…and for that I am eternally grateful. My family and I are insanely, richly and profoundly blessed!


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