Saying Goodbye….


Randall Jennings 1947-2013

Unfortunately….my dear family has had more than it’s fair share of premature goodbye’s. This month has been no exception.

He was my only Uncle. My Grandmother’s only son. My mother’s only brother. One and only soul mate to his adoring wife. Only father of his two beautiful children.

Uncle Randy was the first example I had in my life of a spirit filled Godly man. A man who loved the Father with complete abandon.  Reckless abandon some might say. He was the guy who would follow people in the parking lot of the grocery store, to their cars, and explain that the Creator of the Universe had impressed on his spirit as they walked by…that he needed to pray for them, and with them.  He was the man, who taught me how to lay hands on a vehicle, and pray that it would be “healed” and for all car trouble to cease. I still to this day remember the look of complete peace and faith as he thanked God in advance for fixing the car so we could get home. And yes, the car did start. 🙂

His faith and exuberance overflowed into his classroom every single day as exemplified by all of the art, cards and letters presented to my Aunt after his passing. All drawn and written by his students. Some stained with their tears…and all completely heart felt. He was employed in a place where he could not say audibly to his students, that he was a Christian, yet every single child and teacher that came through his room knew that he was a man who worked for God. That he had answered a higher calling. He always told the kids, that they were more than what the world says they are. That they could be anything they fought to be, and that they were of great value and worth. He taught them to never accept or give anything other than their very best. And he challenged them to be more, and do more than anyone before him had.

The testimony of his life, Is far more than I could put onto this one page, and the stories would be endless about the way his life impacted mine. But the greatest part of his testimony to me, was that he was NOT a perfect man. Nor did he ever claim to be. He was a man who made mistakes, who fell into the deepest, darkest pits one could fathom…but each time….he cried out to the Father….he climbed out of the pit….and he sought the face of the Creator like never before. Each time he fell…he got back up…and held tight to the promises of forgiveness made by our Father for a pure and contrite heart.  He lead by example, as he always did, and taught me that all though failure is an inevitable part of life, if you seek God with your whole mind, body, soul, spirit, and strength…..your life will be blessed beyond measure, and your territory enlarged beyond borders. Even the confines of flesh.

My Uncle was a spirit that could not be duplicated.  His kindness, supportive nature, encouragement and love resonated to every person who interacted with him. And just like his Messiah, whom he longed to be like…he gave of himself until he drew his last breath.  I pray that his legacy will live on in us all.


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