Welcome to my online hang out!

So, this is my first, of what I hope will be many posts here on my new online home. I am super stoked about this space as I have been musing about a fun and passion filled place for so very long. Anybody who knows me, knows how much I love to write…and talk…and the response has been a resounding “Why don’t you all ready have a blog Sara?” when discussing it with others. I am a firm believer that there is no time like the present, so here I am! There are a plethora of various things on my heart right now, but I think I will wait until the next post to open that can of worms. 😉 )
As for where my life is right now….it is interesting to say the least. My family and I returned from Costa Rica (yes, the country) in September of 2012 after almost a year in a half there. *sigh* I have come to realize that there is a huge part of my heart….that will always be home in Costa Rica. We are back where we grew up, for the first time in almost 10 years (we made a brief stop off in Texas for 8 years ;-), and are working on making the best of it. I am a home schooling Mommy to my oldest daughter and trying to help her decide if she wants to continue that through out high school (Yes…I have a high school age child…yikes!), or wants to return to public school for her high school years. I believe in empowering my children to make important decisions that are informed, researched, full of wisdom and understanding for all of the necessary considerations. Hence why I say, I am “helping” her decide. She is not in charge, nor in control. (more on my parenting views later. Yay for you! 😉 ) But, she is only 4 years away from leaving our precious family, and If we do not begin giving her the tools that she needs NOW to make responsible decisions….when will we have the time? My other daughters re-entered public school after we returned from Central America, and while that was somewhat devastating to me….it was what they wanted….and I respected that. Our travels (again…more on those later) were amazing, and life changing and full of adventures and experiences that I could have NEVER have taught my children out of any text book…they still took a toll on my youngest daughters learning, and we are working on fixing that now. My husband and I believe in education, both in the box, out of the box, out of the system, and being “educated” through experience’s. While our views aren’t mainstream, they are our views…and we are completely okay with not being main stream in any capacity. 
As for my husband, he is the hardest working man you will EVER meet. We are polar opposites, and you will pick up on that within a 5 minute conversation with us together. There are very few things we see similarly on, or even agree upon….but our marriage still works, and that is a miracle in this day and age. It doesn’t work because we ignore it, abuse it, take it for granted, or forget that it is the most important relationship we will ever have on this planet. Even before our relationship with our kids. It is not a marriage that works perfectly, nor does it go smoothly day after day without any frustrations. (our friends will tell you that to this day, we still are the couple that put the FUN in dysFUNctional). It is a marriage that works…because we work at it. Because we love each other, and choose to recognize that this is a fragile thing. I have all ready begun writing a post for a later date where I will go into details about my opinions on marriage and why so many don’t seem to make it today. Rest assured it will not be written from a “I know best” stand point, merely my opinions based on 15 years of a less than perfect marriage…but one that is still intact and grows stronger in love and respect with each passing year. Now, back to my husband…he is a truck driven, Copenhagen chewing, camouflage wearing, guy with a heart of gold. He will not only give you the shirt off his back, but the last bite of food that he has, and the last dollar in his wallet. Even if he didn’t know where the next one was coming from. He is a “handshake is all it take’s” kind of guy, and he is kinder than most. But….if you mess with his family…or push just the wrong button…..he is likely to take you out behind the wood shed and commence to whooping on you! Too many have mistaken his kindness for weakness, and that has left him with very, very few true friends in this world that have had his back no matter what. But those that call him friend…in my opinion….are the luckiest friends in the world. The best part about this man….is that he is all mine! 
There is so much more to write, but I am a dutiful wife, and traded in my corporate life and successful career in Property management two years ago to go to Costa Rica with my family, and fell back in love with caring for them above all else. And it is time to make dinner! 
Can’t wait for my next trip here, and to share more of my thoughts with ya’ll! Until next time…seek out something new and different in your world…and explore it to the fullest. We only have one shot at this precious thing called life!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my online hang out!

  1. Yay! I’m glad you will be blogging! Keep ’em coming!

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